Question by john: what would you recommend for a graphic artist. A 12 inch tablet pc or a 15 inch laptop?
i am looking for a good laptop that is good for a graphic designer and a photographer. I just dont know what to choose…a 15 inch laptop for big screen or a tablet pc for easy drawing on screen.

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the laptop

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  • I would imagine the larger screen would show photography better as well as graphic design.

    I dont know if the tablet PC’s are as tactile and responsive as, say, a wacom pad would be. So more research on the response of the tablet PC is in order, let me look around..

    Ok, so briefly searching around, maybe the Cintiq by Wacom would be your best option. It’s more of a system add-on, but I think for what you need its probably the best pound-for-pound.

    Take a look, let us know what you think, I’d be happy to do more searching if this doesn’t look like a go.

  • big screen so that you can look at the picture in more detail

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