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by Mike Copeland

Question by Aaron F: What programming language does the Windows 7 calculator use?
I would like to learn how to program with the Windows 7 calculator, but I cannot find any info on what language it uses. What kinds of programs can I write and/or run on the calculator?

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Answer by Kenneth
The Windows 7 calculator is NOT a programmable thing. I am not certain what you think you are going to program. However it is most likely written in either C or C++

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  • Ricardo Perez
    April 11, 2013 9:16 pm

    i agree with the person below i suggest java if C++ is to hard

  • Lol i thought you were asking what language is the calculator written in. Well if you would like to program for fun with the things already in windows 7 go for Batch File/command prompt or javascript in IE. They are not real programming language ,they are scripting language.

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