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Question by r40404: What is the difference between Windows 7 and Microsoft Office?
What is the difference between Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Home and Student? They are both the same price. Also, do I have to have one of these programs in order to get the other? I am hoping one program will do.

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Answer by Mercuri
Windows 7 is an operating system and Microsoft Office is a office productivity suite.

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  • Windows 7 is the Operating System that runs programs like MS Office. You have to have Windows in order to run other applications. Office programs do not run by themselves.

  • While it’s true that you’ll require an operating system, such as Windows 7 to run MS Office, you may not need to invest in one operating system if you already have a computer with Windows. MS Office is compatible with Vista, XP and Windows 7 operating systems.

    New computers usually include the operating system, so if you are buying a computer to use MS office, you don’t need to buy Windows separately. Some new computers are also bundled with MS Office as well, but you’ll have to check with the vendor if they are full version or just “evaluation” versions that expire after a few days.

  • you need to have an microsoft or mac operating system to get microsoft office.
    here windows 7 is the OS and microsoft office is a software package(productivity suite) that has word, excel and power point.

  • Windows 7 is an operating system so without it your computer wont boot up and you would be unable to use programs or software like Microsoft Office etc.

  • Short and too the point ….. Windows 7 is an operating system that runs your computer, MS Office is a software program. You don’t need Windows 7 to run MS Office.

  • get ms-office and you can run it on your friend’s windows pc.


    get windows 7 and you can run ,ms-office purchased by your friend in it.

    and if you buy both you can do works without annnoying your friend



  • windows 7 is an operating system, office is a bundle of office software you can run on windows 7. they’re not similar so you can’t compare them.

    please answer mine:

  • Hi r40404,

    So, Windows 7 – what is it? Well, it’s sort of like the foundation for your computer. It’s known as an operating system, so that means that it helps your computer work. It provides you with the Start Menu and taskbar so you can quickly access your programs like Microsoft Office. So, Office is a program. It runs quite a few applications that you might be familiar with – Word, Excel, PowerPoint. You’ll want to have Windows as your OS in order to run Microsoft Office.

    Hopefully that clears up some stuff. If you want to learn more about what Windows is and how it works, there are some great videos and handy tutorials, here:

    Hope this helps!
    Windows Outreach Team

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