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What is Godaddy Smartline ?One phone. Two numbers

What is Godaddy Smartline ?One phone. Two numbers
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What is Godaddy Smartline ?One phone. Two numbers


Second Phone Number App

One phone.

Two numbers. 

👍See when an incoming call is for your business so you can answer accordingly. 

👍Make and receive calls using your business number to keep your personal number private. 

👍Use SmartLine to send and receive texts and pictures from your business number. 

👍Install the app on your current smartphone – there’s no new equipment to buy.

Plans : 

Smartline Basic 

Includes 100 minutes per month*
Send 100 and receive unlimited texts and pictures per month*
Then $3.99/mo after. Cancel anytime .

Smartline Unlimited

Includes unlimited minutes per month***
Send and receive unlimited texts and pictures per month***
Then $9.99/mo after. Cancel anytime.

+ SmartLine is currently available in the United States only.

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