Question by : What are the shortcut keys you use most often on your keyboard?
I just saw a great answer with a shortcut to toggle between open windows (Alt+Tab). (Thanks, Icthy!) What other shortcuts do you use most often? I bet there are other good ones I could get in the habit of using that would be helpful, aside from cut, copy and paste (the ones I use most often).

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Answer by Jackie
well, do you have a mac? I use apple a to highlight things and apple z to undo

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  • wendy_da_goodlil_witch
    March 13, 2013 8:25 pm

    ctrl + c and ctrl + v which you know. I also use a lot of alt commands for foreign letters or other symbols not on the keyboard.

  • Windows + D minimises all windows

    On browsers, Ctrl+T will open a new tab

    Most programs Ctrl + N will open a new document/page etc
    Ctrl + S to save
    Ctrl + P to print
    Ctrl + A to Select All

  • try ALT + F4, i use it often

  • These are all for Windows:

    I will refer to the Windows key between ctrl and alt as “Windows”:

    Windows + r will open a run prompt
    Windows + e will open windows explorer
    Windows + Pause/Break opens the My Computer properties
    Windows + m will minimize everything so you can see the desktop and then bring it back up if done again
    Windows + tab utilizes the Aero desktop on Vista
    Shift + tab is the opposite of tab, so it goes to the previous field, not the next
    Alt + shift + tab helps navigate through the alt + tab window (alt+tab forward, alt+shift+tab backwards)
    ctrl + a selects everything in a windows or on a page
    shift + del will permanently delete rather than move it to the recycle bin (where it still uses disk space)
    ctrl + +/- (that’s plus or minus) will make font larger or smaller in most new web browsers

    I know there are lots more but I can’t think of them right now…mainly because I’m on a Linux box and can only think of Linux commands.

  • Kaylyn Amunrud
    March 13, 2013 11:01 pm

    I’m always needing to browse through files on my disk (photos, docs, etc.), so I use Windows Explorer a lot. Windows-E opens that guy up.

    I usually have a lot of programs and windows open at the same time. If I need to minimize all of them to get at something on my Desktop, I use Windows-D.

    F1 usually calls up a program’s help.

    Selecting everything in a list, or all the objects in a window can be done with Ctrl-A. Or if I need to select a few items all in a row in a list, I left-click on the first one, then hold down the Shift key while I left-click the last item I want highlighted in the list. That will highlight everything in between, too. Or if I need to highlight a lot of items that aren’t all in a row, you can hold Ctrl down while you left-click on the ones you want highlighted.

    At work, when I go to lunch I lock my computer by using Windows-L.

    But the one I probably end up using the most, because I’m always changing my mind about something I just typed, or deleted, or overwrote, or whatever, is the Undo: Ctrl-Z.

  • I used to be really good at this. The ones I do remember are:

    Ctrl+C: Copy
    Ctrl+V: Paste
    Ctrl+X: Cut
    Ctrl/Alt/Delt: When your system is stalled and won’t do anything. You can shut it down this way
    F7: Center
    F1: Help
    CtrlB: Bold
    CtrlU: Underline
    CtrlI: Italics

    Now I have to go and do some research and refresh my memory. This was off the top of my head!

  • Alt+Shift+Tab like Alt+Tab but reverses the order.
    Windows+L locks the system without going through task manager
    Ctrl+Shift+Esc brings up task manager

    Dragging and dropping in Expolorer:
    Hold down Ctrl to force a copy
    Hold down Shift to force a move
    Hold down Alt to create a shortcut

    Shift+Delete removes a file or fodler without the recycle bin.
    Close a group of windows by holding down Ctrl, selecting their taskbar buttons, release, and select “Close group”

    There are others, but these are the ones I use most often.

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