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Question by livluvlaff21: What Apple downloads help the most with school?
Have you ever downloaded any particularly helpful school-related programs from the Apple website? Like for keeping track of grades, etc? Thanks!

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Answer by Heidi
I don’t have anything in particular for school – but the Apple Downloads page is great. You should start here, with the “Productivity Tools” section.

Off the top of my head, I would recommend using iCal for your scheduling (it comes with your Mac). Take the time to explore the Help files – it’s totally worth it to figure out everything you can do!

“Things” another really awesome program for your To Dos. It’s not free, I think it’s like $ 29. But it’s really cool. Check out the free trial.

Evernote is another neat one, for organizing your files/notes/web clippings – with tagging and everything. Really useful for your school documents/notes/etc, as well as personal stuff.

Oh, and you should know that with Mac OSX Leopard, you can create a PDF from ANY program that has a “print” option. Def. keep this in mind when you need to turn stuff in. For example, I created lesson plans in iCal (for my teacher prep classes) and submitted them as PDFs. My professors were very impressed.

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