Question by Shivan: what android tablet should i get for school ?
i am 15 years old and in grade 10 and i am looking for a android tablet to get for my school work it has to be under 500 $ i was considering samsung galaxy tab 2, toshiba at300 and asus transformer. I need it mostly for school (including a Photoshop course) and the occasional movies and games. The camera dosent even matter.

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Answer by ★ Mewsli ★
you should try go over to shops to try each of them out and do some research, and also i don’t reckon iPad would be of much help as you will end up buying the apps on it so samsung? or whatever you feel comfortable with using, i mean its personal preferences of whether you find it easy to use.
Anyone answer mine?

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  • Photoshop doesn’t run on a tablet, only a very limited version is available as an app. If you’re learning to use Photoshop, then you’ll need a computer to run the full version with all the features.

  • why don’t you get the ipad3

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