Show- hide, Smooth sliding and sexy. Menu bar with javascript and mootools. This publish describes how you can add Sexy Sliding JavaScript Side Bar Menu Using Mootools Widget on his blog that appears good in your blogspot blog.Work CSS vertical menu with show / hide uses MooTools to exhibit / hide recption menus having a vertical slide-in/slide-out nice effect.

About MooTools: “MooTools is really a compact, modular, Object-Oriented JavaScript framework created for intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It allows you are writing effective, flexible, mix-browser code using its elegant API, well recorded and consistent. “.
MooTools Home: Home Mootools.

How you can Install Beautiful Sliding JavaScript Side Bar Menu Using Mootools

I must write two group of instructions for every steps, as a number of you use the default layout, plus some of you use the brand new layout. So, let’s wait and watch how you can install this awesome widget inside your blog..

Step One:

If you are while using old Blogger interface: Visit Dashboard – Design – Page Elements – Give a Gadget.

Give a Gadget of HTML/JavaScript type.

If you are while using new Blogger interface: Visit Dashboard – Layout – Give a Gadget

2.Click ‘Add a Gadget’ around the sidebar.

3.Choose ‘HTML/Javascript’ and add some certainly one of code given below

4. Now Click Save ‘JavaScript’ You’re done.

&lta href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Blogger Icons”&gt&ltimg src=”” border=”” alt=”Blogger Icons” style=”position:absolute top: 0px right: 0px” /&gt&lt/a&gt&ltscript src=”” type=”text/javascript”&gt&lt/script&gt
&ltscript src=”” type=”text/javascript”&gt&lt/script&gt
&ltscript src=”” type=”text/javascript”&gt&lt/script&gt
#sideBar h2
#sideBar h2 span
#sideBar ul
#sideBar li
#sideBar li a
#sideBar li a:link,
#sideBar li a:visited
#sideBar li a:hover
background-position:top right

#sideBarTab img
&ltdiv id=”sideBar”&gt
&ltdiv id=”sideBarContents” style=”display:none”&gt
&ltdiv id=”sideBarContentsInner”&gt
&ltli&gt&lta href=”#”&gtLink One&lt/a&gt&lt/li&gt
&ltli&gt&lta href=”#”&gtLink Two&lt/a&gt&lt/li&gt
&ltli&gt&lta href=”#”&gtLink Three&lt/a&gt&lt/li&gt
&ltli&gt&lta href=”#”&gtLink Four&lt/a&gt&lt/li&gt
&lt/div&gt &lt/div&gt
&lta id=”sideBarTab” href=“#”&gt&ltimg alt=”sideBar” src=”http://1.british” title=”sideBar” /&gt&lt/a&gt

And today click Save

Note: Bear in mind that before a save above “#” of land as well as your link Link One, Link Two, Link Three Link Four, and also the title from the place you must do is save.Here is the hyperlink I previously had 4, you are able to connect to 10

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