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Question by KatherineElizabeth: Why does my laptop have tablet pc settings?
I have a Gateway M-1625 Notebook that my parents bought me last year. I was just changing the settings for my personal use, and while doing that I found a whole bunch of settings for a tablet pc. I was wondering why those settings are there. Does every laptop have the same settings, even though it’s not a tablet pc? If not, is there a way my laptop could be able to have touch screen capabilities (a special digitizer pen or something like that)? Thanks in advance!

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Answer by lauren
I have noticed the same thing on my Sony Vaio. I would like to know the answer to this aswell!

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  • There are two reasons that this could happen:
    1. The computer manufacturer or distributor tried to save money by using one OS with tablet PC settings installed
    2. All PCs come with tablet PC setting

    And I have a Mac, so I can’t see if there are tablet PC settings

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