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Question by : should I buy a mac book or a samsung galaxy tab?
My mom’s getting me an iPhone for my birthday soon and i still have about 1500$ . Should I buy a macbook or a samsung galaxy tab? My friend has a galaxy tab and its quite handy.

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First, I’d suggest an iPad over a Galaxy Tab if you’re getting an iPhone. iPad and iPhone can share apps between devices, where the Galaxy Tab cannot. So, for instance, you get a couple of paid apps through Apple App Store on your iPhone and you want the larger version of them on your tablet, you’d either have to repurchase those apps through Google Play to put them on your Galaxy Tab or you could just download them straight to your iPad.

As far as MacBook vs iPad/Tablet goes, I look at it like this – if you’re looking at doing content creation, graphics, video, or audio work, the MacBook is where it’s at, as it’s a far more powerful machine than the iPad currently is; iPad is decent for some recording and light editing, but that’s really about it.

If you’re looking at gaming, iPad kills the MacBook in terms of the number of games; also, you’d have to get a 15 inch MacBook Pro to even think about playing serious games on a Mac, as the 13 inch model (and the Airs for that matter) don’t have dedicated graphics cards.

For doing your homework, taking notes in class, and so on, both the MacBook and the iPad have their strengths and weaknesses; you can add a Bluetooth keyboard and download a word processor app on an iPad and be able to type reports as well as you could on a MacBook, for instance.

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