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Question by barney: How to use ink (tablet PC) in irfanviewer slideshow mode?
Hi there,

I am using tablet PC (win XP). I would like to have basic drawing function (ink) using my pen while running the slideshow in IrfanViewer. Please advice on how I can do this.


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Answer by cnshinn
You will find that most applications out there do not fully support the TabletPC interface, which is what would be required to “write” on items within these programs.

Instead, you can try this app call M2 Screen Annotator. It runs “over-top” of other running programs, allowing you to “ink” on the screen. I’ve never tried inking over an active slide show so I can’t guaranty it will work, but give it a shot.

If the link doesn’t work correctly, go to the sites main page (lotsa good TPC apps listed here) and find it in the Business & General Productivity section.

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