Question by Jessy Rodriguez: How to make your iPhone 4S stop flickering the screen while on Siri or on calling?
I have an iPhone 4S and the screen keeps going black every time im on the phone expect when i put it on speaker and i cant even hang up without pressing the lock button. Even when im on siri it does the same thing. Help me fix this problem.

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Answer by Sam
The proximity sensor near the top of the phone just above the earpiece (if you have a white iPhone its a little black oval) turns off the screen whenever something is placed near it. It’s designed to turn the screen off when you put the phone up to your ear to prevent your face from accidentally pushing buttons. Also, if you put your iPhone up to your ear when not on a call, it turns on Siri so you can use it like you’re making a phone call. It can’t be turned off so DON’T TOUCH YOUR PHONE THERE!!!!!!

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