Question by respi_5: My apple airport express has a solid amber light Forever. How do I Fix it?
Iv’e been restarting my Apple airport express but nothing happens. The solid amber light is on Forever, but when I plug my DSL directly to my laptop, it works Fine, but when I connect it to the airport express it struggles to get a connection. It doesnt show up in the airport utility as well, making it impossible to return it to Factory settings. So what do I do From here?

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Answer by Heidi
It’s hard to say without more information. Is this a new Airport you just bought? If so, you should call tech support or go back to the Apple store and ask for help.

If it’s old, there could be any number of things wrong. Are you sure you’re connected correctly? Maybe your crossover cable is bad, or not hooked up properly?

Also, when you’re resetting your Airport, make sure to also reset your DSL modem. Boot up the DSL modem first, then the Airport, then your computer. Good luck. Feel free to PM me if you add more info to the question.

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