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Make the World You Want – GoDaddy Commercial

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Make the World You Want – GoDaddy Commercial

The world isn’t black and white.
There’s no one set path. No way you have to be.
So why not do what you’ve been dreaming of?
When you’re stuck in someone else’s story, write your own.
When they want you to be quiet, say it louder.
When you create change in society – make it happen.
Don’t listen to self doubt.
Don’t stop for people who don’t understand your vision.
Whether it’s big or small, just go full steam ahead.
You’ve got the power, we’ve got the tools
Make the world you want, and share it with everyone.
Make your own way. As the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs around the world, GoDaddy gives you all the help and tools you need to grow online.

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