Jquery Closable Christmas wishing widget for Blogger

As Christmas is approaching , Every blogger is going to be considering wanting there customers there family.This will make the writers to become friendly with there site visitors.You will find many christmas decorative widget for blogger that make your site to load slow and provide ugly appearance.That treats also help make your publish unreadable for your customers .Would you like to wish your customers or make sure they are to escape your website??

So to avert this, I camed with a brand new widget which wishes your customers superbly and beautifully.This really is fast loading and doesn’t improve your blogs load time.This widget is easy to use as it arrives with closeable button too.This help make your blog professional! Live preview could be seen within this blog.want on for you personally blog also? Just follow these easy steps.

Jquery Closable Christmas wishing widget for Blogger

How you can install this widget inside your blog?

  • Visit Blogger.com and open your dashboard.
  • Visit layout menu and open a brand new desirable widget box and paste this codes for the reason that.


/*--Widget by truebloggertricks.blogspot.com--*/

#announcementbritish petroleum.blogspot.com/-XqBZUMNDtMY/UNW9y52-TTI/AAAAAAAAAcA/2TiGYFgDBSA/s1600/two_christmas_alarms_ringing_ty_clr.gif’)

&ltscript src=’http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.2.3.min.js’ type=’text/javascript’&gt
&ltscript type=’text/javascript’&gt

&ltdiv id=’announcement’&gt
&lta class=’close’ href=’#close’ style=’float: right’&gt&ltimg border=’0′ src=’http://cdn1.iconfinder.com/data/symbols/nuvola2/16×16/actions/button_cancel.png’/&gt&lt/a&gt
Wish A Merry Christmas to any or all our Site visitors as well as their Family.

Or this can be used easy install option.Simply click and install this widget inside your blog.

Thats all!!. We whole heartly wish a merry and happy Christmas to your family people. You may also share your wishes via comments. &nbsp

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