Question by Jake: How can I be a productive teenager?
I am 15 years old and have quite a craving to make some money. At the moment I have no means of transportation, so I really can’t take on a regular job. However I do have a computer and Internet. Is there any work from home jobs that I may be able to apply for? I am very good with computers (word processors, excel spread sheets, etc.) I need some means of payment since I don’t have a banking account or credit card for PayPal. An idea I had thought of was to buy old broken iPhones off Craigs list and eBay, fix them and resale them however starting out with absolutely no money… It’s kind of hard to buy $ 100 phones and $ 60 parts.

Thanks for all your help,
Jake Tucker

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Answer by Derek D
If you have interests that might appeal to the world you could start a website with ads on it. Perhaps you could do a how to for fixing iphones. Your startup costs would be 8-15 bucks for the domain and maybe 5 bucks per month in server space or you could even sell ads on a blog.

Good luck with your endeavors. Good to see a 15 year old wanting to work so badly ­čÖé

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  • First, you need to make some revenue in order for anything to work. Participate-to-earn sites would be a suggestion but a poor one unless you are socially interactive. Mowing lawns, fixing family computers (my job), or delivering papers are my real suggestions. However, you are not 16 and should then not be expecting more than minimum wage. In fact; expect less.

    You could also host a labor auction with your friends and invite several key members of your society to bid on what person, and for a set amount of time, be his handy-man (as long as it is in the legal confines of the law.) Farmer’s LOVE this kind of auction because it’s another hand to help repair their attics, plant crops, or feed livestock. (this I would recommend for rural areas.)

  • You could do babysitting if you baby sat three kids at a 150 to 200 a kid per week that would be equivilent to a decent salary. This can also be done out of the home.
    higher income people need a decent place to drop off there kids that don’t have 20 kids they are baby sitting. If you focused on 3 high income families to watch there 3 kids you would have a nice income stream and work about 9 hours a day and be able to stay home.

  • ferinand burke
    April 10, 2013 8:43 pm

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    Step one is go out and get a real job and SAVE that money, all that you can. Save until you have $ 500-$ 1000+ and invest that in Forex trading using a trading system. Continue working while making profits via the trading system; take, half your profits from Forex trading for the month and spend/keep them then invest the other half back into trading. Rinse and repeat that step until you’re making steady profit, then quit your job. You’ve heard of Internet millionaires? There’s how it happens.

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    And you can also work whenever you want to…
    Just make a website and start earning. No investment if you start with a blog.

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