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by Alex Brewer

Question by deepa_online_now: if i chose to close the window/tab f youtube after giving the link in for download affect it?
i ve a lil mor doubt if i cancel d window/tab after giving a go 2 d/w process wil it stop r go on as a bakgnd process n be done i.e, d/w completely?

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Answer by mal

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  • I think it not.
    To me, I go to this website:
    (PS: This website supports 124 video website, including Youtube, Google Video. Although many of the video websites are Chinese, the download speed is fast comparing with other websites.)
    What you do is just paste the URL of the youtube video, click”Fetch It” , after the result apprearing, click “Download it”, then it will download the video with your browser. After downloading, the name of the video is “get_video”, and it will be placed on your desktop. You can rename it and add its extension as “flv”.

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