Question by jcrowleyii: HP Tablet PC changing from Vista home to XP Pro, do I need a special Version for a tablet PC?
I have a HP Tablet PC that came with Vista home but some of the software I have isn’t Vista compatible so I installed XP Pro. How do I get a regular version of XP pro to allow me to use the tablet PC part of my notebook?

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  • XP Pro Tablet Edition 2005 is a special version of XP Pro and is not included within the regular XP Pro disks. There are many extra drivers and applications that allows the device to be used as a TabletPC.

    Your best bet is to try to get some XP Tablet Edition restore disks from the HP. They may or may not have them depending on your unit. I got some for an HP TPC that I own and they were quite cheap, but yours may not be…you’ll have to check with HP.

    You could also check on these 2 forums for more advice.

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