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Question by bubbles: How often do new apple laptops come out?
Right now, im a high school junior. I really want a new apple laptop for my birthday, and Im planning to use it for as long as from now, till the end of college. is that realistic? I already have an iMac, but i want one to carry around and do homework on the bus,..etc. Should I get one now? Or wait until end of senior year to get one?

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Answer by Navarro Wee
they come out pretty slow. this also depends on the technology update.

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  • rippedwrangler
    February 19, 2013 1:26 pm

    It depends on the apple laptop’s perceptions of how supportive its friends and relatives will be. Some will never come out, some will come out only to a select, trusted few friends and relatives, while others will flamboyantly make a big announcement and tell everyone they know within a few days.

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