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Question by Cassie R: How do I share files from a Windows XP desktop to a Windows 7 laptop?
I just got a new Windows 7 laptop and when searching for a network, I found my network from my Windows XP computer and connected to it. Right now, I have internet access because I’m connected to my windows xp network. However, I would like to share files and printers between both computers, how do I do that? Please and Thanks 🙂 10 points for best answer.

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Answer by AyTeeGuy
Ok, let’s go through a checklist of things you need to check:

1. Are File and Printer Sharing enabled on XP?
-To check this, go to Start>Control Panel. On the window’s left column, click on Switch to Classic View and then double-click on Windows Firewall. Go to the Exceptions tab and click on the File and Printer sharing checkbox if it’s not checkmarked. You may need to restart you computer for settings to take effect.

2. Are your computers on the same workgroup?
-On Windows XP: Right-click My Computer, select Properties, go to the Computer Name tab. The computer name and work group are displayed.
-On Windows 7: Right-click Computer and check the name of the work group under the Computer Name, Domain, and Work Group Settings section.
-If they don’t match, rename the work group on each computer to whatever you want (most people just choose the name WORKGROUP). You will need to restart both computers for settings to take effect.

3. Did you enable sharing on the folders you want to share?
-Right click on any folder you want to share, select Properties, go to the Sharing tab, and click on Share. Once the folder is shared, click on Permissions, select the Everyone group, and on the bottom click on the check boxes for Read, Write, and Execute and click Apply and OK. If you have Windows XP Professional you will need to do set Permissions and go to the Security tab, select the Everyone group, and click the Full Control check box at the bottom. Click Apply, then OK.
-The same goes for printers. On your XP computer, go to Start>Control Panel>Printers and Faxes. Right-click on the printer you want to share and follow the same instructions above.

After you’ve checked everything and you’re ready to go, you can try accessing files on your XP machine from your Windows 7 laptop by going to the Start menu and going to Network. Look for the name of your XP computer and double-click it. Enter your Windows XP user name and password if there is one. If you’re able to get in and you see your shared printer, right-click on it and select Connect. The shared XP printer will be permanently added to your printers on your Windows 7 computer and drivers will be installed.

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