by Maureen “Mo” Reilly

Question by Jack: How can I get windows movie maker on my computer?
My laptop is a window 7 I just got it but it does now have windows movie maker. I know I can download the windows live movie maker but is that one any good? Or should I try a different movie editor?

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Answer by Mujer Alta
Windows Live Movie Maker isn’t really as bad as everyone says it is. Those of us who used one of the older versions, XP or Vista, like those better because there are a lot of extras that can be added to them. I think WLMM has better audio fade in and fade out and a few other things that are better but I usually use the Vista version on my Windows 7 machine because I can do a lot more with it. The main problem with the older versions is that they are a little harder to learn to use – because they’re more complicated.

And here are some other free editors. Most free editors are simplified for beginners so they are not going to have 500 effects or be able to import a wide variety of video file types.

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