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Gordon // Neighbor’s House // Attempted Suicide
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2010-06-23 06:14:15
Posted Date: 2010-06-23 06:14:15 , By : 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠
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According to the Assessor’s records, Gordon bought this house in 1986, a few years after I moved in next door. Landlord abandoned my house, I paid a lien for nursing-care off (the woman who built my house went into a County nursing home) & obtained ownership in 1991.

We were good neighbors, no need for a high fence. I considered Gordon a brother, he was a year younger than I. He developed a genetic, degenerative disease, which progressively got worse.

He would grunt & groan really loud. I asked, "why don’t U take pain meds"? He said he disliked feeling dizzy from the meds. At night he got relief from playing his piano, drinking one beer and eating a marijuana-laced brownie.

He kept telling me, "I wish I could die." I told him I read an article in the "New York Times" where U can buy pentobarbital at veterinary pharmacies in Mexico (60-miles from home), it’s recommended for suicide.

Two months ago, I took a short vacation. Gordon would watch my house & feed the cats whenever I was away. He told me he was going to live with his sister in June & would give the house to his friend, Christian. I told him, "Why go, I’ll take U to the store and do things 4 U!"

When I got back from vacation, Gordon called. His tone of voice seemed kinda strange. He welcomed me back from my trip. It felt like his last goodbye. A week or two later, he swallowed a bunch of pain meds. It woulda killed him except, he took a bunch of blood-pressure meds with it. He also didn’t tie a plastic bag around his head, like it says in the suicide manuals. Gordon called 911. Cops found suicide notes. They threw him in the nut-house after he recovered.

Christian went to visit him. I figured Gordon would come back home but he didn’t, I never really got to talk to him again.

I told Christian to tell Gordon that two of my best friends (they’re twins that I think Gordon knows) have been professional, in-home health care providers for the State of Arizona and Catholic Community services. One of ’em was a State Representative, they’ve been doing this work for more than 20-years, eat healthy, vegetarian foods, love cats and live only three blocks away. I’m sure Gordon’s premium insurance company would pay for it.

One of Gordon’s sisters, who is a fanatic "Christian" wanted Gordon to sell the house and stay with her. That’s what Gordon did. He used a bitchy, nasty, pushy friend of his to sell it. I told her to let me know how much Ur selling it for. She said she would after she got it appraised.

Yesterday, this "CAT" front-end loader showed up and started dozing Gordon’s front yard. I asked the workers, "When is the house going to be for sale"? They said, "It already sold." I was shocked ’cause I was interested in buying it. I said, WTF, "who bought it, are they friends of Gordon’s"? "No, friends of Jan," the pushy, nasty friend of Gordon’s.

Sure enough, records show the house sold for k on 18 June. I was pissed. Called Jan and said, "how come U didn’t tell me the house was for sale, I would-have paid more?" She said the sister was in a hurry to sell, plus a lot of other stuff, including a bizarre, lie or misunderstanding about me. I’m thinking of filing an ethics complaint with the State Board of Real Estate.

I feel betrayed & hurt by Gordon. Hope he doesn’t feel the same when his sister pushes him into a hospice to die.

Gordon had a bad attitude toward God. I figured one of these days maybe he would experience God. I asked Christian if he thought Gordon’s personality changed after his suicide attempt. Christian didn’t see anything but it’s hard to tell. Gordon was also on anti-depression meds (Cymbalta) after the attempted suicide. Many ppl who have had Near Death Experiences, who have "seen God," have had dramatic personality change, where U no longer fear death but feel peace.

Gordon was a lot like me. We lived like hermits. He had one loving relationship he talked about that lasted a few years. Neither of us got married or had any kids.

Last thing I said to Gordon (one-minute phone-conversation) after his foiled suicide (besides, "Good-Bye") was, "I’ll miss U!" Last thing he said to me (besides, "good-bye") was, "Well I gotta go, I’m busy with business." Kinda ironic ’cause I say that to a friend who calls me several times every day.

EDIT: Told my best-friend, Jennifer about this, she said if I owned the house she would-have rented it from me. Gordon knew Jennifer. Woulda been really nice to have Jen next door paying off my loan. Coulda-probably made a deal with Christian too so he could-have continued to use the guesthouse as a music studio.

After my last conversation with Jan, I sent her this email: "It seems unethical that U didn’t get a bid from me to buy the house when I told U I was interested." She then left a crazy message on my answering-machine.

Talked to Christian the other day on the phone and thought, "Jan must be a lunatic!" Sure enough, read this court case [link removed] posted on the website of the AZ Court of Appeals, Division Two:

"The record and evidence established that [Jan] suffers from a delusional disorder that causes her to believe she is the victim of an organized conspiracy whose participants include her former husband, her former employer, the Tucson Police Department (TPD), and certain TPD employees. "After three psychological examinations and a hearing pursuant to Rule 11, Ariz. R. Crim. P., the trial court found [Jan] mentally ill but competent to stand trial."

EDIT (27 June): The company that managing the property is a reputable company that I don’t think I will have a problem with. 🙂

EDIT (14 July): Removed last names, tags & link.

* This photo has notes, click the link below or click & mouse-over the pic to see ’em.

Map-link shows the neighborhood, within one mile.

247/365 – Once upon a time, I fell in love with you (Explore)
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2010-07-17 09:15:01
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The story is still being written, but I’m positive we’ll live happily ever after.
Maybe even ride into a sunset and sleigh a dragon,
probably not….. but how cool would that be ?! (:

ATTENTION! I’m leaving for lift tomorrow, sooo stoked!
However, I’ll be gone until friday
I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures when i get back, don’t worry (:
Try not too miss me too much! I love you all my little pretties (:

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2012-03-20 21:34:19
Posted Date: 2012-03-20 21:34:19 , By : Kalense Kid
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When we were in New Zealand for my sister’s wedding we had the great opportunity to see one of the wonders of the world, the Kauri trees of North Island. We found them in several of the rather sad remnants of forest that are still somewhat protected, but which were once worked for their living gold, the trees that were the crowning glory of New Zealand’s forests.

These trees are frighteningly huge. To stand at the base of one of these monsters is to understand how magnificent life can be, and was more frequently before humans got here.

At a small settlement called Awanui, on the North Island, a shop sells lovingly hand-crafted wooden pieces carved out of sub-fossil Kauri trees that were flattened by a great tsunami tens of thousands of years ago. Outside, surrounding the parking lot of the "Ancient Kauri Kingdom", are vast stumps of these once-proud trees, now sorry remnants, wood too difficult to work.

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