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2010-11-07 10:45:35
Posted Date: 2010-11-07 10:45:35 , By : …-Wink-…
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How I spent my Sunday:-)

Feet Up Taking A Break

I used my fisheye for the shot then straightened it out in Photoshop and decided not to crop it 🙂

HEY you, yes YOU! push the "L" on your keyboard 🙂

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A Green Apple On The Tree
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2011-05-21 18:12:02
Posted Date: 2011-05-21 18:12:02 , By : prayerfriends
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How exciting it is when the fruit of your labor starts coming into
harvest time. This apple is a long way from ripe but it is well on
its way to growing there. May you see health and wealth in your
future. May your labor produce good fruit and may you be blessed by
the work of your hands.


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Watching time pass by….
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2009-10-01 12:07:34
Posted Date: 2009-10-01 12:07:34 , By : Visha~~AWAY..VERY BUSY
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How many of us complain about our jobs or things we have to do….yet others would give anything to have what little we have….

I lost my memory card.. :(. I had so many butterfly photos there and others I had to work on.. I guess I’ll be uploading old photographs from now on..:P..

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Its my Moms birthday. :D:D.. We are throwing her a surprise party, im so excited.. alright guys.. im going home now.. see you later..


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