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Flock of snow geese close up with cows
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2007-02-15 13:26:33
Posted Date: 2007-02-15 13:26:33 , By : Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)
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We saw this flock of snow geese in a large pasture near Terrell, Texas, about 40 mi/55 km East of Dallas, from I-20. It was a large flock, well into the thousands. We weren’t expecting to see any such thing.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on these birds. Grandma Tina found a web page from the U. S. Government that discusses the different color morphs. You can see different colors at the larger sizes.

Budget Fix, Tax the Rich!
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2011-02-20 16:02:31
Posted Date: 2011-02-20 16:02:31 , By : Madison Guy
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It was cold and wet Sunday, and demonstrators who wanted to carry signs on sticks around the Capitol (not allowed inside) had to deal with the weather. But this is Wisconsin. We’re a hardy lot, and plenty of people did.

Walker supporters keep shouting "there’s no money" as if it had suddenly just evaporated and there’s nothing to be done but make massive and savage cuts in our public services — and, now, strip workers of their collective bargaining rights. But we wouldn’t be in this fix if we hadn’t been cutting taxes for those best able to pay for years. There is another way. In Minnesota, Gov. Mark Dayton proposes erasing about half of their budget deficit by taxing the rich. Why can’t we?

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2008-08-13 20:54:15
Posted Date: 2008-08-13 20:54:15 , By : nickwheeleroz
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Strobist Information:

After shooting what seemed like an endless stream of cute, bright flowers, I fancied trying my hand at something a bit darker. I spotted this Knight figure at the market when we were picking up the flowers. The stall owner only wanted for it so I grabbed it and dumped it in the prop cupboard.

Today is a public holiday in Brisbane (for the Ekka show) so I had some free time to take a picture. I grabbed the Knight and plonked him on a sheet of shiny black card. This highlighted a problem straight away. No amount of careful balancing would keep him upright. I got round this by sticking double sided tape on his feet and putting a rock on the back of his cloak. With him firmly held in place I also added a few stones in front of his feet to break up the horizon.

I added a background light first using a red gel onto the PVC frame background I made for the conference room shots.

Next I added the two rim lights behind the Knight on the left and right. Finally I added a light strip softbox to the front right of the figure.

After taking a few test shots I decided that he still didn’t look sinister enough and thought a bit of a glow in his eyes might do the trick. I grabbed a couple of laser pointers and fixed them into two super clamps on light stands. After aiming them at the Knights eyes, I put the camera on a tripod and took the final shot.

I did think a flaming staff would have been effective for this pose and I considered building one out of solder and wire wool. In the end, I decided I preferred the house in a less burnt down state and called the picture finished! 🙂

Setup shot here: Ni Setup

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