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Incipio iPhone 3G Leather Case
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2008-07-27 09:42:27
Posted Date: 2008-07-27 09:42:27 , By : Gerald_Oh
iphone 3g
I’m a bit ambivalent about this case right now, though I’ve only inserted and removed the phone less than 10 times, so maybe the case is a bit stiff and the iPhone doesn’t slide in/out easily, which will mean I’ll miss a call before I get it out of the case. And yes, the middle of the case does bulge out a bit, but in fairness, I’ve had it 2 days, and have hardly used it. I presume like all leather, it should soften a bit with use.

Ideally, I’d like something a bit looser, though perhaps the BodyGuardz film is making it tighter? Not sure at this point — have to see how it goes. However, I’m really using it only when I have it put away in my laptop bag. I’m hoping the BodyGuardz film will suffice the rest of the time.

Still, the price is right at .99 — I didn’t want to spend a lot on a case that was primarily going to stay in my bag. Here’s the link:…

After putting 3 BodyGuardz films on — frustrating as hell — I finally just gave up on them less than 6 month after I first tried them. I ended up getting a Power Support film (from the Apple Store), and buying an A.B. Sutton leather case — love their cases:

iPhone 3G iDay
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2008-07-12 16:29:38
Posted Date: 2008-07-12 16:29:38 , By : .imelda
iphone 3g
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Finally got my phone set up by 3PM.

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