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Bramley Apples.How To How To photos

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Bramley Apples.How To How To photos

Some cool how to images:

Bramley Apples.
how to
2009-10-03 05:51:39
Posted Date: 2009-10-03 05:51:39 , By : leedav
how to
Oh, how I love you! I went out to the farm yesterday to buy the last of these.

See the whole set here.

what’s in my bag
how to
2012-11-21 16:04:42
Posted Date: 2012-11-21 16:04:42 , By : choking sun
how to
hamburg edition 2012. unable to label the spare 1qt ziplock bag and the large 2 gallon ziplock bag for dirty clothes). i also have added my zune and charging cable as a "just in case" and i still need to stop at bp on the way to the airport for 4 packets of sugar (to use with the absinthe).

Noctilucent reflecting
how to
2011-07-26 00:15:12
Posted Date: 2011-07-26 00:15:12 , By : Fly For Fun
how to
"158, 108, you up?"

"How you doing, 108?"

"Great," the voice answered.

108 was the Boston to London flight, so I was sure it was someone I knew checking in on me. But who?

"Let’s switch to Boston ops frequency." I said, so as not to annoy everyone else flying last night across the Atlantic.

"You up?"

"Yeah," I said. "Who’s this""

"Who do you think?!" Answered my brother.

We began to chat about the ride ahead. Apparently there was some moderate bumps on his track, "Whiskey" 60 miles to the south of us and he had also heard that our track, "Victor" was also rough.

I asked him who he was flying with. Jim responded and asked me if I had my camera ready for the noctilucent clouds (300,000 foot clouds) that were going to show up.

He told me he had seen them over the U.S. on a transcon flight the night before. But that didn’t really mean they’d be showing up here, like they were the northern lights or something.

Sure enough, they appeared. Since it was a full moon, they didn’t look quite as stunning as the original noctilucent clouds I took in 2008, but nice nevertheless. The captain hadn’t heard of them, but seemed to think he had seen them in the past.

We were at 54 degrees North, and 45 degrees West. The local time at the position we were at was 1:50 in the morning. WELL before sunrise. These clouds can only be seen when the sun hits them from the bottom, either after sunset or before sunrise.

Pretty amazing to see some noctilucent clouds just the day after seeing the ‘morning glory’ or ‘roll clouds’ that we caught the day before. (See previous pictures)

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