If you’ve been a user of WordPress for a while or if you recently searched the web for a theme, chances are you have heard of Avada.
How popular is Avada? With the first version being released in the summer of 2012, Avada is still very popular 4 years after its creation.
Being loved by more than 300,000 website owners, it is one of the most used premium themes in WordPress history.
At the time of this article, Avada has been sold over 320,000 times, meaning it has generated over $19.2 million in revenue. 
Why is it so popular?
There are several reasons that explain why a WordPress theme can become popular.
Everybody knows how important first impressions are, so this is the main selling point of Avada – the design.
Many other good looking themes have been developed over the years, but ThemeFusion, the team behind the Avada theme, has been working very hard to improve it all the time by updating it often to fix any bugs and taking feedback seriously.
On top of that,

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