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This is your canvasHow To How To photos

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This is your canvasHow To How To photos

Some cool how to images:

This is your canvas
how to
2009-01-14 12:25:42
Posted Date: 2009-01-14 12:25:42 , By : id-iom
how to
I’m not sure how many people will remember the ‘This is your brain on drugs‘ anti-drugs campaign that was part of America’s War on Drugs campaign and was widespread on American TV in the 80′s but that was pretty much my inspiration for this piece.

Come on kids – see if you can work out how many drug reference I managed to get into the bottom part! That is if your brains aren’t scrambled from all the high powered skunk you’ve been smoking!



Title: This is your canvas
Media: Hand-cut stencils, spraypaint, ink acrylic and paint pen
Size: 1m x 1m deep edge canvas


Yet another shot of Sarah checking over the new arrivals. This needs to be done early, the heat of battle is no time to discover the factory put your spark in upside down.
how to
2009-02-27 21:09:13
Posted Date: 2009-02-27 21:09:13 , By : colorblindPICASO
how to
Have I mentioned lately how much I like having a DSLR? At the end of the day, I would have preferred to have a more shallow depth of field, but I NEVER would have gotten this to look right with a point and shoot. It would have focused on the soles of her feet, the lint on Bumblebee’s head, or maybe the draw string for the mini-blinds (I’ve got the unfocused pictures from my old camera to prove it). I’m by no means a great photographer, but I do love how I can get some interesting effects, even shooting in a spot like this where the camera would naturally focus on the wrong thing.

Plushformers by Suzy Wong

how to
2008-12-03 12:27:55
Posted Date: 2008-12-03 12:27:55 , By : The Scott
how to
Hi, Flickr. How are you? We haven’t talked in a while. I hope things are well with you.

I’m okay. I’ve been getting in better shape (as you may be able to see), working, doing other things. Nothing exciting. I need a haircut.

I promise to take more pictures to put on you soon.

So, what have you been up to?

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