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Should I wait until the ipad mini 2 comes out?

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Should I wait until the ipad mini 2 comes out?

Question by KerisTay: Should I wait until the ipad mini 2 comes out?
My birthday is this week and I’ve been wanting a tablet for quite some time now…

I am wondering whether I should wait a little more and get the ipad mini 2 or the samsung galaxy tab (the 7-inch screen one) when they come out. Should I wait or do you think it’s not worth the wait and that I should just buy it now so it’s a little cheaper? Also, which is better, ipad mini or samsung galaxy tab?


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Answer by Person
I’m a fan of apple so I would say the iPad not the tab. I think you should get the iPad mini because there isn’t going to be any real differences with the new one

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One Comments

  1. Jonathan says:

    Just go ahead and get the Galaxy tab 2. Better bang for buck.

    Review from an owner of Galaxy tab 2, should be helpful on this decision:

    Galaxy tab 2 10.1″ has advantages like:
    – 1Gb RAM (over 512MB RAM of iPad mini)
    – microSD slot
    – GPS
    – Lower price tag

    Rest of the features like processor, screen etc are pretty much the same.

    Bestselling model for Galaxy tab 2:

    While iPad Mini has pros like:
    – Better camera with 1080p and front facing HD camera (instead of 720p on Galaxy tab and VGA front facing camera)
    – Bigger screen

    IPad Mini – Bestselling bundle: