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Look, there are four of us – and only one of her. I don’t think we’ll need our guns for this arrest…

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Look, there are four of us – and only one of her. I don’t think we’ll need our guns for this arrest…

A few nice how can we images I found:

Look, there are four of us – and only one of her. I don’t think we’ll need our guns for this arrest…
how can we
2010-12-21 13:10:03
Posted Date: 2010-12-21 13:10:03 , By : Ed Yourdon
how can we
Note: this photo was published in an undated (Dec 24, 2010) Everyblock NYC zipcodes blog titled "10020."


As I wrote when I visited Rockefeller Center a year ago, it’s a well known phenomenon that most people never bother to visit the famous landmarks and tourist attractions in their own city. God only knows how many Parisians have never visited the Louvre, and how many Londoners have never been inside Buckingham Palace. Many Washingtonians would probably have to admit that they’ve never been on the White House tour, and I can only guess at the number of New Yorkers who have never been to the top of the Empire State Building.

When we do visit such landmarks, it’s often because a visiting relative insists on seeing it; or sometimes guilt will force us to drag our young children to see the sights, because "everyone should see the XYZ building as part of their education." That probably explains why I can actually say that I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty (though it was more than 35 years ago), why I’ve been to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building, and why I dined at Windows on the World in the days before 9-11. I even spent one miserable New Year’s Eve in Times Square, along with a million other screaming revelers — which most New Yorkers would tell you is something only wide-eyed tourists and drunken teenagers from New Jersey would want to experience.

But despite all the tourist attractions I can say that I’ve been to in New York (Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, and so on), I have to admit that I’ve only been to Rockefeller Center once during the Christmas season — as documented in this this Flickr set. I’ve watched the annual tree-lighting ceremony on television numerous times, but have had no interest in standing in the bitter cold with a gazillion tourists as the tree is hoisted and lit. Nor have I had any interest in visiting during the final days leading up to the Christmas holiday itself …

As I did last year, I skipped the tree-lighting ceremony this year — but since I did come down here a year ago to take some photos, I thought it might be worth returning once again. Why? Because I thought the ice-skating rink would once again be a scene of dazzling color, stylish fashions, and great displays of athletic prowess on the ice. Unfortunately, that only seems to be true in Hollywood movies; like last year, what I saw was mostly a bunch of klutzy skaters and children sprawled out on the ice when they tripped and fell. There were a few attractive people, but no dazzling beauties; and the outfits were generally fairly dull and uninteresting. The only improvement this year was a rotund Santa Claus, who was friendly enough to cuddle up to several couples and family groups for some tourist photos.

I did manage to get a few interesting photos of skaters and local scenery, and I dutifully captured a vertical shot of the enormous Christmas tree. But after that, I fell back on my most favorite activity: photographing the "ordinary" people who milled around the square-block center, most of them observing the skaters and the overall scene. Almost all were tourists and visitors, and the Tower-of-Babel collection of dialects and languages made it clear that quite a few were international visitors, many with children in tow.

The other difference between this year and last year is that I shot videos as well as still shots; I’m still organizing the videos, and they will eventually be combined with some other videos taken during this week before Christmas. Meanwhile, though, I hope you’ll enjoy these still photos of the Christmas scene at Rockefeller Center…

52.39 – Cushions and laziness
how can we
2009-04-19 12:19:02
Posted Date: 2009-04-19 12:19:02 , By : dichohecho
how can we
These are my cushions, my pillows and my feet. Some of the cushions were presents from nice people :)

Monday: Worked! When everyone else was at home being bank holidayy. Of course the Park & Ride wasn’t running but the Pay & Displays were, so I parked in the street again. Surely if the Park & Ride drivers get a day off the traffic wardens should too?!
It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed my walk down from my parking place to work, and I took nice photos of the Tone.
Work was medium, there were a fair few people at times but nothing terribly unusual. Hannah and I made paper chains of all the people we work with. They’re amazing. They all have distinguishing features (extreme height, purple hair, big grins) and are very accurate of course. We worked very hard indeed.
They’ve started a new thing where someone from each department has to go to the office at 2pm and hand over the accounts they’ve opened that day, and explain why there aren’t any if they haven’t done any. It’s horrid! On Monday Hannah went & we hadn’t opened any, of course she opened one the same afternoon. On Tuesday I went but managed to open one about half an hour before I had to go :)
(actually this account thing may’ve started on Tuesday & my day been Wednesday, I can’t remember :s No, can’tve been, I finished at 2 on Wednesday)
Oh. We also had no milk, a situation which resulted in disgustingness.
Tuesday: Work again! Ummmm. Parents & Anna went to Granny’s, leaving Kate & I to fend for ourselves. I asked what she wanted for supper and she said steak. So I bought some, didn’t fancy it myself, got indecisive and ended up with onion bhajis.
Of course we had a fridge full of vegetables to use up so we had an asparagus course. Then we decided to have oven chips with it all. I forgot the hob that had had the steamer on would still be hot and melted the chip bag. So now we have a freezer bag full of chips in the freezer. I got the melted plastic off the hob with a fish slice… Skills!
Wednesday: Moooore work. Then I went bikini shopping at Primark (my tankini rolls up nastily so I may as well wear bikini + strappy top) and got a rather lovely green one and a black bikini top and a nice navy top. Then I went home, got my stuff together, made potato salad and went out again, scooping up Amy on my way to Meg’s for a girly night in.
Meg (who’d been shopping in Cheltenham with Caroline that morning) made us barbecued things in the oven as she had no gas. Then we had Ben & Jerry’s (she’d bought 2 tubs, Amy & I’d bought one(it’s only £1.95 in Bishops Lydeard Co-op!)) so we had plenty…
Then we all went in Meg’s hot tub (hence the shopping) and had girly chats and enjoyed the bubblyness! Later on Caroline went home and Amy & I slept over.
Thursday: I gave Amy a lift home via Tesco where I bought things for lunch making. Kate and I tried to make nice prawn noodle soup type stuff but it went horrifically wrong and we couldn’t face eating it. So I grabbed a sandwich and went out again to work (after having a shower!).
I worked until 6, then went and found various people and we converged on Amy’s house to get ready before I drove us all into town. We went to Mambo and Perkin & saw various people and had a generally nice time. I drank J2O and cranberry juice and ate crisps as I was driving home. A friend of a friend and I walked back to the car with me as she was driving too and it feels less scary walking around at night when there’s someone else there…
Friday: I worked 10-5 and started off in a good mood but got really quite tired. Meg came and visited but didn’t buy anything (boo). We have some lovely navy-with-white-spots pajama shorts now, plus things people keep asking for like low-back converters for bras and back extenders. I may have to stock up before my discount ends…
On Friday evening Kate and I made maccaroni/cauliflower cheese. We decided it was a bit boring so Kate put blue food dye in the cheese sauce with this result! It was yummy though…
Saturday: I had been intending to drive us to Bristol to see the Crimes of Passion exhibition (as featured on Knautia’s photostream) at the RWA but when it came to it Kate had a LOT of work/revision to do still. So we stayed at home and I helped her with some of it. I think she did a fair amount; a few science past papers, an english essay or two and some art.
We were beseiged (yet again) by the cat, who has now mastered the feat of getting BOTH paws through our letter box at once, or taking far reaching swipes with one…
We had Covent Garden Tomato & Mascapone soup for lunch (they’re on offer at Sainsbury’s) and Mum & Dad brought home Indian ready meals for supper. Yummy!
Sunday: Woke up, had breakfast (we currently have far too many types of bread), changed bed sheets, took photo of bed/cushions/feet, moved some stuff off the floor, had lunch, lay around daydreaming, cut pretty pictures out of magazines for a scrapbook, got distracted and read magazines, had tea, turned computer on, lost hours to interwebs…

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