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Apple Mini DisplayPort adapter FAIL

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Apple Mini DisplayPort adapter FAIL

Check out these apple images:

Apple Mini DisplayPort adapter FAIL
2008-10-24 02:57:25
Posted Date: 2008-10-24 02:57:25 , By : DeaPeaJay
UPDATE: See wolrahnaes comment for an explanation to this frustration.

Original Complaint
Apple’s Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter is a "DVI-D Dual Link". Their other adapter DVI to video (s-video & composite, which I use all the time) is a "DVI-I Single Link".

The two connectors are incompatible with each other because there’s 4 pins on the DVI-I Single link that can’t plug into the DVI-D…. very frustrating!

DVI-I is Digital and Analog, DVI-D is Digital only. I think the reason Apple made the adapter DVI-D (Digital only) is so that they could sell more Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapters. Shame on Apple.

got my DVI info here:

As requested, in Layman Apple: Apple made their new DVI adapter incompatible with several of their existing adapters, requiring you to buy *another* adapter (VGA) that can then be converted again to the signal you need, such as S-Video or Composite Video.

Apple Stickers OH MY!
2005-12-08 23:04:51
Posted Date: 2005-12-08 23:04:51 , By : emarschn
Old skool apple stickers.

Apple: Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer
2009-02-15 16:07:26
Posted Date: 2009-02-15 16:07:26 , By : mary hodder
This button, given out to people at Silicon Valley parties in the late 80’s, early 90s, was adverse to Apple suing Microsoft in Apple Computer Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, over look and feel GUI elements of their OS desktops.

More info on the lawsuit here:

Reminds me a little of the snake in the Don’t Tread on Me flags from the American Revolution:


  1. katïe says:

    Do you speak in "Layman Apple" too? I need a translator otherwise.

  2. DeaPeaJay says:

    Hi Katie, I’ll do my best =) I modified the description.

  3. Electronick says:

    Wow, I bought the Displaypot-DVI apater to ha ve flexibility to do DisplayPort–>DVI–>VGA.

    I’m so frustrated isn’t working… I hope I’ll be able to change this to my apple store.

  4. the_tuc says:

    If the holes were there for the pins, it still wouldn’t work.
    (That page is about mini-DVI, not mini-DisplayPort, but it’s the same story.)

  5. DeaPeaJay says:

    @the_tuc: yeah, I know, cause there’s no analog signal being passed through. Apple just wants to sell more adapters.

  6. Eric Rice says:

    I just tried to connect my 21" Cintiq tablet to my new MBP unibody with that cable and same problem. Unbelievable.

  7. f_mafra says:

    Just had the same problem with my new MB. I have a generic DVI-I/VGA adaptor and stupidilly ripped out the plugs only to become more frustrated. Thankfully it was much cheaper then an apple adapter.

  8. wolrahnaes says:

    This is not an Apple conspiracy to take your money, DisplayPort simply does not carry a DVI-I compatible signal. By the spec, it doesn’t even necessarily support cheap simple adapters like those sold by Apple. Fortunately, Apple and as far as I’m aware every other vendor offering DisplayPort source products has decided to retain DVI and VGA compatibility in their DisplayPort devices by allowing it to detect being plugged in to such units and output either a DVI or VGA signal over the DisplayPort plug so a simple wire adapter can do the job.

    DisplayPort is a 20 pin connector in both regular and Mini forms. Single-Link DVI uses 18 pins, Dual-Link 24, VGA 15, and the DVI-I connection you desire which carries both DVI and VGA needs 22. or 28 depending on how many DVI links you want available. Clearly this means Dual-Link DVI-D and all forms of DVI-I can’t be used in this manner.

    This means that DVI-D SL and VGA can both be provided by simple plug adapters that cost pennies to make, but anything else (such as DVI-D Dual Link) requires an intelligent adapter that can speak the DisplayPort protocol and generate the appropriate signal out the other side.

    Mini-DisplayPort is simply the exact same thing in a smaller plug, so it neither gains nor loses functionality.

    The old plastic Macbook had similar dongles for DVI and VGA where the DVI dongle had a DVI-I port which was actually wired for DVI-D and people were very annoyed when it didn’t work with existing DVI-I to VGA adapters (rightfully so, since the way Mini-DVI was designed it was entirely possible for Apple to produce a proper DVI-I adapter for it, unlike DisplayPort.

    Long story short, the only way you’ll ever get a DVI-I port out of DisplayPort on any machine, not just Apple, is to have an intelligent adapter similar to that used for DVI-DL and priced accordingly. It’s not Apple trying to screw you, it’s the way the technology is.

    For the record, I think DisplayPort in its current incarnation is silly and see no reason why the new 15/17" units shouldn’t have just kept the DVI port. DisplayPort has promise for useful features like daisy-chaining in future revisions, but nothing on the market today supports that so as far as I can tell it’s a pointless connector.

  9. DeaPeaJay says:

    @wolrahnaes Thanks for the explanation. Very informative, thanks!

  10. apple_vinci says:

    I have adapter Mini DisplayPort => HDMI and HDMI => DVI-I :)

  11. snoflake404 says:

    @apple_vinci: No, that won’t work right.

    HDMI does not support analog video signal (the difference between DVI-I and DVI-D). Your connector chain would give you a DVI-I port that did not have working analog pins, thereby rendering it useless as a DVI-I port. It would only work as a DVI-D port that could accept DVI-I cables.

  12. Carlos Mc Nulty says:

    i don’t know if this will work but it should……

    i just don’t think is nice to buy 2 adapter when 1 can do the same…
    but that’s me…

  13. berlinframes says:

    I bought a VGA adapter and use the included DVI adapter with a DVI/HDMI cable to connect HDMI devices — I even get a dual head display. A double win for me.

  14. jotαεlε says:


    Thats retro cool!

    Where did you get them!?

  15. Christopher Holden says:

    That is so hot! The spectrum in the blank.

  16. Alex Metzger says:

    I want several.

  17. emarschn says:

    I believe these came with the purchase of a brand new Apple ][c … They can be found on eBay, for those that are interested.

  18. add me. says:

    interesting that the stripes go out all the way.

  19. bllarkin says:

    I got some of those, too. I am a computer tech at a community college, found them in some old PowerMac documentation.

  20. Brandon Bills says:

    Today’s Daily Photo Prompt is An Apple a Day, and this certainly fits the prompt! We would love if you would join and add this picture! You can visit the website here, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to receive prompts daily!

    Nice picture by the way, I like it!

  21. Trevor Langowski says:

    Love to see

  22. ColetteV says:

    This is great! Thanks for posting it.

  23. Brandon Bills says:

    Today’s Daily Photo Prompt is An Apple a Day, and this certainly fits the prompt! We would love if you would join and add this picture! You can visit the website here, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to receive prompts daily!

    Nice picture by the way, I like it!

  24. iMacAZ says:

    I have one of those!!!

  25. steverobertsco says:


  26. Emp•Regis says: